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Overcoming Barriers to Fill Critical Engineering Roles in Sweden

Multinational Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Company | 90,000 employees globally

The challenge

Struggling with other recruitment agencies, a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company approached us to fill two contract/interim Engineering positions in Gothenburg, Sweden. They were eager to engage us for this task due to our successful track record in delivering multiple UK based projects for them. The positions required candidates to be fully on-site, presenting unique challenges in Sweden's restricted contract engineering space.

Typically, sourcing and placing engineers in the UK is straightforward. However, the full-time on-site necessity in Gothenburg made this position challenging to fill. Moreover, Sweden's limited contract engineering sector, influenced by tax laws favouring permanent roles, further constrained the candidate pool.

Our solution 

After thoroughly understanding the client's requirements through a detailed briefing, we formulated our hiring strategy.

Given our limited network in Sweden at the time, we embarked on extensive outreach efforts, leveraging existing contacts, conducting thorough LinkedIn searches, and seeking referrals from anyone within our reach in the area. This approach enabled us to meticulously map out the market landscape.

Initially concentrating our search in and around Gothenburg, we expanded our scope to identify potential candidates within commuting distance or those open to relocating for the opportunity. This strategic approach allowed us to establish a robust candidate pool of contractors in the region.

Client management

Throughout the process, we maintained regular bi-weekly updates with the client, ensuring they were consistently informed of our progress in relation to the brief. These ongoing communications not only provided transparency but also strengthened our relationship with the client.

The outcome

We successfully placed two Engineers, both who are now much-loved key parts of the team and considered integral members of the project’s success.

Due to the success of our work, and the notable higher quality of work compared to other sources, we won 2 further roles that we placed which led to further partnerships on multiple programs across the business. We continue to have a great relationship with the client across the UK, Europe and the US.

Successfully placing two Engineers, they have become valued team members, integral to the project's success. Our exceptional performance led to securing two additional roles, further cementing our partnerships across multiple programs.  We maintain a strong relationship with the client across the UK, Europe, and the US.