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From Contractors to Core Team Members in Record Time for a Leading Irish Payments Company

Leading Irish Payments Company | 50+ headcount across Ireland

The challenge

Upon engagement with our Irish payments client, their expansion efforts were hindered by difficulty in sourcing suitable candidates. 

It was crucial to establish a permanent team that aligned culturally to ensure long-term staff retention. Opting for a contractor solution was deemed unsuitable due to concerns regarding costs and the potential loss of knowledge should contractors depart.

Previous attempts to hire internally yielded unsatisfactory results, compounded by the laborious task of sorting through numerous irrelevant applications, which consumed significant time and resources.

Our solution

After thorough discussions, we proposed a contract-to-permanent model, offering a 6-month trial period for both candidate and client, with the potential for long-term employment if the fit proved right. Alignment on this process and end goal was crucial, allowing us to focus on contractors open to transitioning into permanent roles.

Leveraging our extensive contractor network, we identified multiple candidates interested in permanent roles but hesitant about making the leap without assurance.

Key deliverables

  • Swift delivery: Contractors onboarded within 10 days, compared to the average 10-week period for permanent hires.
  • Consultative approach: Tailored hiring strategy ensuring alignment with long-term talent plans.
  • Cost analysis: Detailed assessment to allocate budgets effectively, providing long-term cost savings through the contract-to-perm model.

The outcome

A total of 8 contractors were placed, with an average search-to-start time of 9 days. Six have already transitioned into full-time roles, with the remainder scheduled to follow suit shortly. These candidates seamlessly integrated into the team, significantly boosting productivity on ongoing projects and relieving pressure from colleagues while also contributing valuable skillsets.